Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage home decor right from the 60's

When I went through my fabrics yesterday I felt kind of sad. It's a funny thing about unused vintage items. They were made decades ago but never found their way to fulfill their function. I own a lot of those things. Beautiful lace from a manufactury that closed down a long time ago, still labelled and like new. Shirts for  men from the early 70's - so small and slender that you know at once how different people looked 40 years ago when they were neither overweight nor athletically trained like the average young men of today. And fabrics - did I mention the fabrics? I got a lot of fabrics from some shops that closed down years and years ago - still on the bale, still labelled, unused. Whenever I see one of them I add it to the wall papers or small furnitures I own and see the whole home decor from another era. And then they come to life - obviously it's not too late for them to find a purpose.


Wallpaper with matching deco fabric - roses everywhere - I love this romantic things. When I was a Little Girl I had a wallpaper like this in my room. And I would have loved curtains like this :)

A wall paper with a millefleur design - since it is Brown and White only it Looks great with a colorful flower print fabric like the one below.

This pair was made for each other even if they never met before - only in my Studio for a short time. The fabric above and the wall paper below. And there are some tiles, too ....



Speaking of tiles - this fabric and the tiles below and I'd have a garden inside ...