Friday, July 11, 2014

Vintage inspired knitting - 50's short sleeved jumper

Okay, I started to knit this sweater some time ago ... but since I always work on many projects at the same time I'm always glad when I acutally manage to finish something that isn't a custom order or has to be made for a special date. So I proudly present: the Mint Jumper! (announced here: http://www.berlinvintagelover.blogspot.de/2014/05/knitting-project-i-this-year.html)
I have a soft spot for knitting with embroidery, and mostly I use contrasting colors. This is my first try with tone-in-tone embroidery, and in general, I like it. The Jumper is only a kind of protoype. It's handknitted since for me it's easier to test the best fitting when I knit by hand, but pattern and yarn are suitable for the machine, too, and then the stitches will come out tighter and more regular. The color is a bit too pale for me but it has a beautiful look with the pleated white skirt - and I have the matching shoes for this style, too ;)


 And these shoes will look great with the pleated white skirt and the mint colored jumper:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Find of the week - Getroedelt - gefunden - gefreut: another magazine

This is another magazine in addition to the I-don't-know-how-many-exactly I already own. There is no date on this one but from the style I think it might be from the early 50's and it's published by the 'Verlag fuer die Frau'.
It is not any usual Fashion and Knitwear Magazine but has a theme: eyelet pattern for knitting and crochet. I purchased this one item but at home I found out there are some pages of another one inside so actually these are two fragments instead of one whole thing.

I haven't photographed everything from the inside but there are some beautiful cardigans in there. What I like most are the women here - no idealized models with perfect but sterile faces but natural beauties.

See this girl here ->
Such a pretty smile --- but ....

... this is the one design I don't like at all - look at the rectangular edge above. I don't think I want to wear something which accentuates the bust in a way this sweater does!

This one is more interesting. I've never seen a sweater like the one on the left before in any of my 50's magazines. But I love the one on the right even more:
I don't know how many magazines and books about fashion history in general and especially knitted fashion I own now but they fill some rows on the wall in my studio. But I still find some new designs I didn't know before from the era between 1920 and the mid-eighties. It seems that there still is a whole world of fashion to discover!