Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Find of the week - Getroedelt - gefunden - gefreut: another magazine

This is another magazine in addition to the I-don't-know-how-many-exactly I already own. There is no date on this one but from the style I think it might be from the early 50's and it's published by the 'Verlag fuer die Frau'.
It is not any usual Fashion and Knitwear Magazine but has a theme: eyelet pattern for knitting and crochet. I purchased this one item but at home I found out there are some pages of another one inside so actually these are two fragments instead of one whole thing.

I haven't photographed everything from the inside but there are some beautiful cardigans in there. What I like most are the women here - no idealized models with perfect but sterile faces but natural beauties.

See this girl here ->
Such a pretty smile --- but ....

... this is the one design I don't like at all - look at the rectangular edge above. I don't think I want to wear something which accentuates the bust in a way this sweater does!

This one is more interesting. I've never seen a sweater like the one on the left before in any of my 50's magazines. But I love the one on the right even more:
I don't know how many magazines and books about fashion history in general and especially knitted fashion I own now but they fill some rows on the wall in my studio. But I still find some new designs I didn't know before from the era between 1920 and the mid-eighties. It seems that there still is a whole world of fashion to discover!





  1. Das ist ein tolles Heft. Ich liebe alte Modehefte, besonders die mit Strickanleitungen, da kann ich auch nicht widerstehen. Nur leider fehlt dann meist die Zeit, die vielen schönen Modelle zu stricken.
    LG Carolin

  2. Jetzt. Gerade. Ich. Drei Pullis auf einmal in Arbeit, dank des 'Sommerlochs' im Job. Wenn ich tatsächlich etwas fertig bekomme, schaffe ich es vielleicht sogar, was herzuzeigen ;)

  3. ich liebe alte mode und handarbeits magazine ... leider sind die immer schwerer zu finden ...

    1. Aus den 50er geht immer noch, scheint mir, nur für die Zeit davor ist es schwierig, da freue ich mich über jedes Heft, das ich irgendwo einigermaßen vollständig ergattere :)