Monday, June 9, 2014

mani d'oro - golden hands in crafting or Rome in the 60's

It's definitely hot today - and no, not too hot for knitting, but too hot for knitting without a break every now and then since the yarn tends to stick on my fingers ... time to do some writing and Show some photos ...
Remember that I mentioned Rome in April some weeks ago? The antique market there was disapppointing - except one stall with books and magazines. And I discovered 'Mani d'Oro' - 'Golden Hands', an italian Magazine from 1967 - and bought all issues I could carry. 10. They are full of beautiful photos, from home decor (have you ever seen Italian home decor from the mid 60's?) to knitted Fashion. I tried my best to take pics from the covers and from some things from the inside - and start to present them here from today on ....






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