Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

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Yesterday was Mother's Day, time to think of the one woman who taught me so many things - not least how to sew and how to knit.

She was a seamstress herself and a skillfull knitter, even if she left the knitting part to me when I was still very young. But she never gave up knitting completely. In her last months when she already was very ill she still tried to handle the sewing machine, and it was so hard to watch how at last she couldn't manage to finish her knitwork  since she was much too weak. My mother died from cancer on the last day of the year 2010.
with a friend

 my parents have their own special story - they were in love long before they could marry since they lived in different parts of Germany and weren't allowed to cross the border. So every minute they spent together was rare and treasured ....


And there was another woman to whom I owe special thanks - my father's twin sister who was a seamstress, too, and a knitter - not as creative as my Mama but far more professional - the dresses on these photos were home made, by the way - aren't they lovely?
  My aunt was - believe it or not when you see these three photos - kind of a bluestocking, sober and ambitious, and since she had no children of her own she turned towards us, loved and educated us - not always to the joy of my Mama :)


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