Friday, March 28, 2014

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody, my name is Emma and I am a knitting addict. And a vintage addict. Which is, in my case, quite the same. I am knitting vintage things, vintage inspired things and everything in between. And I am collecting vintage patterns, collecting vintage things, selling one of them from time to time and decided some time ago to combine all this with my need to write and - here we are!

I live in Berlin, which is, yes, the Capital City of Germany and likewise the middle of nowhere since we are surrounded by the most pastoral rural landscape northern Germany has to offer. So don't be surprised if you find typical metropolitan things here and so very romantic country style beauties. I love them both and that's probably the reason why I don't live in the City Center but in one of the more small-town-style areas at the edge of town.

These are the most basic parts about me and my reasons for starting this blog - please allow me one more sentence about the language: I decided to write in English because I met so many gorgeous English-speaking people during my work and humbly hope to share the vintage love with some of them. But I am not a native speaker so surely there will be a Lapsus linguae from time to time. Please ignore that. Or better yet - send me a short note so that I get the chance to learn and improve.
One of my eldest magazines - from 1927

Typical 20's style, isn't it? Straight form up to the hips

Some crochet for our little one's - hope they loved it ;)

And still so very 'Gruenderzeit' interior ....

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