Saturday, March 29, 2014

Elly Beinhorn or my love for Vintage Knitting on the TV

I am in the TV. Not today, but tomorrow. And actually - it isn't me. But some of my knitting. Yeah!
Last year, a costume designer for whom I already worked before contacted me. A TV-Movie was on the way, about Elly Beinhorn, a then-so-very-famous female German pilot from the 1930's - and I was asked to do some research and make some knitting.
I already knew Elly's Story - I am not only a vintage lover but also a reader of biographical books and, yes, maybe this is the right time to confess - I have a degree in historical sciences. Means, I know some stories from the past.
For those who never stumbled upon former charismatic sport stars:
Elly Beinhorn was one of the first female air women worldwide. She received her pilot's license in 1929, made it to Africa, Australia and all around the world, set one record after the other. Her popularity increased even more when she married race driver icon Bernd Rosemeyer in 1936. Their story reached a tragic peak when Bernd died in his car in an attempt to set up a new speed record barely a year later and left her widowed with a new born baby.
Anyway - here's the Trailer - and there's more to come from me about working for the movies :)
my personal copy of her biography

photo from the book: Elly as a Young girl

the famous Pilot - mind the hat: I had to copy that ....

Young Bernd with his baby son shortly before his death

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